Wednesday, 25 May 2011

TBone's Wild Ride!


Well, not TOO wild. It's a truck. But I'm still wildly excited about it. All that room, towing capacity, fuel economy, and a sync system that is a gadget lover's dream. Can't wait for the first camping trip!

Can't forget to thank Mike Rowe and Kiefer Sutherland for their relentless shilling that led me to buy a Ford product.


  1. SHE IS GORGEOUS! I love it. Jealousy abounds...

  2. Niiiiicccee. Good cervix replacement. Fuel economy - really? Compared to . . .

    What size bed is that? Can it hold drywall? Maybe you want me to help you test it out . . .

  3. Fuel economy is good compared to the old cervix. Little worse around town and a little better on the highway. Real world results are pending. But driving to Ottawa without stopping for gas gets me very excited.

    6.5 foot bed but 8 foot sheets are fine with the tailgate down. Wasn't Kate ridiculing this purchase not too long ago? I'll help with drywall but there will be plenty of yipping.

  4. Seems like a far drive for you to come and haul our shit be it

  5. Did you add that Mike Rowe reference? How did I miss that the first time?
    Jeff would like to know what model and if it's 4x4. I'm guessing it's not, given the comment on fuel economy.

  6. He was there the whole time. Odd that you missed it. Just an F-150 4x2. Limited slip rear diff and traction control so, hopefully, the snow doesn't get too challenging.