Sunday, 22 May 2011

TBone's Borrowed Movie of the Week - The King's Speech

This movie has been on deck for quite a while.  Critically acclaimed and recommended by friends and family.  But I was hesitant.  Black Swan, another acclaimed movie, was a disaster and, as Jen skeptically pointed out, it's a movie about talking?  But the Robickles had it and I borrowed and I finally watched it tonight.

And this is a great movie.  Yes it's a movie about talking but it's the best damn movie about talking you will ever see.  The acting is solid, not showy.  Nobody is trying too hard to get their Oscar nomination.  And Colin Firth nails it.  Awesome.  But it's not just an acting show piece.  The visuals are fantastic as well.  The shots and framing bring a dynamic flair that you wouldn't expect from a movie about talking.  But the cinematography is no more showy than the acting.  Watch this movie.

So, for 2010, I still love How to Train Your Dragon above all else as a movie experience.  But.  This movie has now trumped Inception as the best FILM of 2010.  Inception did not hold up well on a second viewing on Blu Ray.

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