Monday, 2 May 2011


So I guess Osama Bin Laden is dead now.  I heard about it on Sportsnet this morning.  Watching the highlights and then the announcer is going on about where he was when he heard about the towers falling.  Then he hits the punchline of the Americans killing Osama Bin Laden the night before.  I shrugged.  And then I was embarassed that I'd even wasted the energy required to shrug on this topic.  Seriously?  You guys were still after this guy?  It's been almost 10 years hasn't it?

But the internet is ablaze with chest thumping and "Fuck yah"'s like the good guys have finally won out over the dastardly villain.  Meh.  Americans may have claimed good guy status going into Afghanistan but they sure as fuck lost it when they started bombing Iraq.  And that's precisely when I lost interest in Osama Bin Laden.  Whatever.  I'm sure this will mean the end of terrorism and hatred towards the United States.

Again, whatever, it's done, can we move on now?  No, of course not.  Because the great unwashed didn't get to see a picture of his shot up corpse before it got dumped in the sea.  So conspiracy theories will abound and there will be fake Osamas blogging up a storm claiming to still be alive.  And it's just so tiresome.  Like the moon landing or JFK's killing or Lady Gaga's gender, conspiracies may be true, partially true, or flat-out false and it won't make a bit of difference at the end of the day to how you live your life.  Seriously people, let it go.

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