Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sheep Dip

Yah, scotch is slowly creeping back into my liquor cabinet.  The only way I'll be rid of it is if I stop this ridiculous career of engineering.  But anyways, I was back at the LCBO this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised to find several new malts.  There will be several new reviews in the coming months.  But for today, how could I resist this bottle?

Sheep Dip!  Yes it's a blend but I am a sucker for slick packaging.  What the hell.  It's fun to go slumming every now and then.

The aroma is muted and slightly medicinal.  There's a little bit of hard oak in there but it is way in the back.  Still, not anything to make me nervous.  The taste is complex.  Very hard to nail down.  It's a cartoon revolving door.  By the time you think you've nailed one flavour it has rolled over into something new.  But that also means that nothing stands out.  Can't really say much about it.  It's there and it's not offensive but I can't really say anything else about it.  There's no fire on the trail to the belly and the aftertaste is as muted as the aroma.

So, it's a blended scotch that isn't harsh or syrupy or peaty or, sadly, good.  While I applaud the marketing, the product leaves much to be desired.  Luckily I bought an Aberlour 12 at the same time.

Blended Meh.  2 shots.

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