Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Playoff Hockey

Yah, whatever.  Really not feeling it this year.  Keep telling myself I'll start watching the next round and never do.  Well, the next round is the finals so I better start taking an interest here or declare this year null and void for being a hockey fan.

It doesn't help that my team isn't in the playoffs.  Usually I can count on playoff pools to keep my interest in how the other teams are doing but even that hasn't helped this year.  I'm happy that Vancouver has made it to the final round but that just means there's going to be some late night games from the west coast that I'm going to miss anyways.

But Vancouver moving ahead means something else to me.  It means that San Jose has lost.  Which means Dany Heatley has lost.  Which makes me so incredibly happy.  Because, fuck that guy.  If the Ottawa Senators aren't winning the cup this year, I at least have this.  Thank you Vancouver.


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