Thursday, 12 May 2011

The Arran Malt 10

Alright, the LCBO has mixed it up and it is time to get down to business.  Let's try out this Arran malt!  The Island origin makes me a bit nervous but we must forge ahead.

The nose is fresh citrus.  Very refreshing.  But there's a little oily cloyingness there that, again, gets the nerves up a bit.

The taste is subtle smoke.  At first.  It blooms into a stronger, oilier version of that smoke.  It's different.  I don't think it's a great different.  Something to talk about but not something to revisit.  After the smoke clears, the cloying oil returns.  Disappointing.

So the new age of single malts at the LCBO is off to a rough start but I'll keep trucking along.  There's got to be some winners in this new breed.

Little smoke, no fire. 2 shots.

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