Tuesday, 19 April 2011


The gadget gorging is done!  Picked up the blackberry playbook after work today.  Gotta say i'm pretty happy with it so far.  going to take a while to find all the tricks and trapdoors but that's part of the fun.  One thing that needs tweaking is the keyboard.  Obviously needs some help with the auto-correct but it's actually pretty quick typing this out.  Hope it takes off because they definitely need more app support but the main draw is going to be the browser.  This, like all tablets, is a couch device. Its main purpose is for looking shit up while watching tv. And for that, the playbook is aces.

There, the gadget lust is sated.  There is nothing left on the want list. Can just sit back and enjoy the connectivity.  good thing too cause I'm pretty sure Jen would leave me if I bought anything else in the near future!


  1. "the gadget lust is sated" Dude. Don't talk crazy.

  2. As you can see, there is nothing in my "want" list. What more could I want? I have all bases covered. Done.