Saturday, 20 March 2010

TBone's Stolen Movie of the Week: The Road

the-roadI had heard about the book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy from a friend.  Didn't realize it was the same guy who wrote No Country for Old Men.  If I'd known that, I probably never would have purchased the audiobook for one of my many road trips.  But I did purchase it, and I really liked it.  The person who read that book was very good and I found the journey and world of the book fascinating in large part because of that performance.

So I was pretty excited when the movie based on the book came out in theaters.  That excitement quickly evaporated when I started hearing some reviews.  I gave the theater version a pass and watched the torrent sites to see when it would appear there.  Finally got a chance to view this copy last night.

And, yah, the reviews were pretty accurate.  This is a bleak movie.  Not surprising given the subject matter of a father and son struggling to survive in a dystopian future.  But the movie fails to deliver any emotion or suspense to contrast the visual and situational bleakness.  And the kid.  Sweet crap in a basket.  I can't recall more than a couple decent acting performances by any child actor and this kid ain't one of them.  This movie never should have gone ahead without being absolutely certain they had an actor capable of pulling off these scenes.  To be fair, the script and direction do not help.  I refuse to believe that in a time of desperate survival that any parent would let parental bonds forgive this little shit for not following strict orders and not shutting the fuck up when you're in the same house as well armed murderous cannibals.  When your survival depends on silence and your little simp of an offspring can't help blubbering and whining at every turn, you have to evaluate how much you really like this kid.  I would have kicked the little turd to the curb at the first opportunity.  See how far his liberal sensibilities get him when he's out on his own.  He'd be somebody's bitch or happy meal within minutes.

So yah.  Disappointing.  I'll still fork over some cash when it's available to rent but I'd only recommend reading the book or listening to the audiobook.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll pass on the movie. The book, I really enjoyed.

  2. Well...the book was awesome so it is hard to top it with a movie but I have to disagree...I thought the movie was well done - though I do agree with the idea of kicking the kid to the curb but that had nothing to with the performance - more to do with it being a kid.

  3. Wasn't a particularly bad movie aside from the kid and the directorial decisions made regarding the kid opening his yap. Just very, very, very disappointing. For me. Personally.