Sunday, 14 March 2010

Roo Fest, 2010

rooA friend forwarded this link a while ago.  It's some hippie fluff piece on the retarded concept of kangatarianism.  There was some back and forth amongst the distribution group but eventually it came up that this same friend actually had a source for some kangaroo meat.  Not some sketchy, back alley source but a legitimate market with a public store front and everything.

Now, for the most part, I'm against eating cute animals.  I do not eat lamb or rabbit just for that reason.  But I'm also a huge hypocrite as I do eat veal.  So, according to my loose gastronomical ethics, cuteness buys you some grace unless you are extremely delicious.

But where to put kangaroos on the eat/don't eat scale?  They definitely have the cuteness dialed in.  But kangaroo is the meat of choice for an entire continent of barbecuers so it's gotta be delicious, right?  Only one way to find out for sure.  I agreed to participate in a Roo-B-Que that was eventually held last night in the Greater Fonthill Area.

The hosts are friends who have put on countless critically acclaimed dinners and events.  They are my destination of choice when in the Niagara Region and I would recommend their hospitality to anyone.  Just call 905-GUD-TYMZ and ask for Andrea.  This Roo-Do would prove to be no exception to their standards of excellence.  The house quickly filled with friends, new and old.  This wasn't just an experiment in Australian cuisine but also a farewell to our friends Kevin and Joanna as they are moving up to North Bay this week.  Andrea, as always, went all out with the food.  Not only preparing the roo-kebabs but also a turkey curry and breaded chicken for those who may be a little less roo curious.

And kangaroo meat is....good!  The closest I can compare it to is venison.  A darker red meat, tender, and sans the gaminess of your standard deer.  There's no danger of me becoming a kangatarian but that's more due to availability.  If there were roo farms around here, I'd be holding roo-b-ques all summer long.  So, unfortunately for my hoppy little friends, I would have to say they are more delicious than cute.  If you happen to run across some of these steaks, gime 'em a try.

Thanks again to Andrea for suggesting, obtaining, and preparing something we may never have tried otherwise.  And thanks to the entire Team Robickle for hosting another great night in Fonthill.  Good times.


  1. You hypocrite barbarian. I told Roxy and Riley and they're afraid of you now.

  2. It's true - quality 'roo. And, thanks to me (and Elisa?), you weren't the first one out for the evening.

    No mention made of the following day's icetime. We waited for you, but then decided we'd better get the game going.

    Good times, good times.

  3. Schmeck, I think your hounds have more to worry about at home what with all those recipes you brought back from southeast asia.

    Dawn, you guys went skating? Man, somebody should have mentioned that.