Thursday, 18 March 2010


One of the last things I did before leaving Haileybury was change the tire and wheels from my summer set to my winter set.  Didn't think much of it.  Just something that needed to get done before the snow hit.  Shouldn't have worried about it really.  I'd purchased a snowmobile that summer so, naturally, no snow this winter.  Except for that one weekend when I actually had to get somewhere.

Anyways.  My tires.  The thing about my summer wheels is that they need different wheel nuts than the standard wheel nuts that I use with my winter rims.  I keep the nuts I'm nut using for the given season in a box.  Not a large box but very recognizable.  So, like I said, before the snow came I'd changed my tires for the winter set, put the summer tires in the shed, put the nuts in their box and put the box in the closet.

Then I moved.

And I didn't think much about those summer tires and even less about that box of nuts.  And now, spring is in the air.  Temps are consistently above 10 degrees.  Time to do the swap back to summer treads.  Got the wheels no problem.  Pretty hard to miss.  Laid out the tires in their new rotation sequence and got out the necessary tools.  Now, about those nuts.  Where exactly did I put those?  Cue disassembly of house.

Every cupboard, every drawer, every closet, every single god damned box in the house.  No nuts.  Did I leave them in Haileybury?  Impossible.  I was positive I packed them.  Positive.  Okay, time to get creative in the search.  I opened board games, dvd box sets, cartons of unopened printer paper.  Nothing.  Do it all over again.

And I did find them.  At the bottom of a plastic tub filled with all my fishing gear.  Rods, tackle, fish finder, life jacket, kayak paddles, ALL of my fish related gear.  And a box of wheel nuts.  Why I thought that future me would remember to look in the fishing gear container for those very important nuts come spring time is beyond me.

I just don't understand my brain sometimes.


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I've done the same thing. Can we blame it on genetics?

  2. I usually blame Andrea (or Jenny), then find out it was me. I hope that's charming.