Saturday, 27 March 2010


Dropped in on the ole Welland Works yesterday.  Been almost 4 years since I walked out of that place.  Driven by a couple times but never went back in until yesterday.  At its height, JDWW employed 1000 people.  Now, there are 9 full time employees at the plant.  One of those people is my old boss and friend James who gave me a tour of what's left.  And that's not much.  The main office is the only one left with any furniture or heat.  And the plant floor is just that, a floor.  I'm not quite sure why the people who are left there don't spend their days having gator races on the shop floor.

Definitely a strange feeling walking around all that empty.  All those things and people that used to drive me into rages have just up and disappeared.  Balance that against the fact that 991 people no longer work there.  Most of the stuff got shipped to Mexico because it's so cheap to produce stuff in Mexico right?  And then you hear about the rampant theft, the transportation interruptions, the minor issue of drug cartel violence, and the fact that they built TWO entirely new factories to replace Welland Works.  What have they actually saved in this move?

But what's done is done.  In a couple months the only people at the plant will be security and the only thing they'll be doing is chasing off raccoons and squatters.  It was a soul-sucking pit of anguish and despair but it still kind of tugs at the emotions to see another Canadian manufacturing plant get abandoned.

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  1. Yah, I gotta say it's a big kick in the nuts for a lot of people.