Monday, 8 February 2010

Stupor Bowl


Whooo.  Another super bowl in the bag.  And another post super bowl hang over to struggle through.  Cheers to James and Elisa for hosting another awesome bash.  Cohesive paragraphs are a bit of a challenge for me right now so I'll keep my thoughts to point form.

Football Thoughts

  • Good game overall but a little disappointed that it wasn't the air assault I was hoping for.

  • Had to cheer for somebody so I picked the Colts.  Natch.  Given my support of the Miami Dolphins, Winnipeg Jets, and Ottawa Senators, the end result should have been expected.

  • Can't take anything away from Drew Brees and the Saints.  No problem with them as champs at all.  Except for Jeremy Shockey.  He's still a douche bag.

  • Indianapolis had won many of their games this year by the skin of their teeth.  They just came up a little short this time.

  • Dallas Clark was unstoppable.  They should have used him a hell of a lot more.

  • Reggie Bush had a couple decent runs but I don't remember his number being called much.  He was such a beast in the divisional game, I had hoped for more.

Non-Football Thoughts

  • Pre-game shows are ridiculous.  4 hours of pre-game show is cruel and unusual.

  • Half time shows suck in general.  The geriatric, lip synching stylings of The Who was particularly unbearable.

  • The party took place on the Niagara Peninsula so we were able to get the HD broadcast from Buffalo WITH the much anticipated Super Bowl commercials.  The commercials are often better entertainment than the game itself.  That was not the case this year.  Lame.  Can't believe companies would spend 3 million dollars for air time and then throw up such lackluster crap.  A disturbing theme this year seemed to be men without pants.  Three separate companies, hawking three completely different products, used the decidedly unsexy visual of dude in tighty whitey's as their sales tool.  Weird.  Not funny.  Weird.

  • Food is a big part of the Super Bowl and I was happy to contribute this year with my previously documented Pirshki product.  Seemed to be a success unless everybody was just humouring me.  They received the unfortunate nickname of "meat donut" which means I should dial back the sugar on the next batch.  Googling "meat donut" reveals how unfortunate that nickname really is.

  • One of the staples of the Niagara Super Bowl party has been my friend Kevin's famous fifty pound lasagna.  This thing is less a lasagna and more of a meat casserole with a few noodles and sauce thrown in for flair.  If something non-alcoholic was going to ruin you at a Super Bowl party, this was going to be the culprit.  But it's been a year of many changes for Kevin and this year he changed it up from the Cardiac Lasagna to....a fruit plate.  Dude.

  • I think it's pretty safe to say that James is a fellow technology geek even if our approaches are drastically different.  Where I am a compulsive consumerist, buying anything and everything, James is a patient researcher and connoisseur.  James is the wine aficionado to my anything-in-a-brown-bag drunk.  James has no cell phone and refuses to be drawn into the world of wireless networking.  What he does have is a ridiculous number of televisions.  The 100" projection screen is the main attraction, the 40" wall mounted flat panel right beside the big screen seems a bit excessive, the 13" flat panel in the main floor bathroom brings it right back to awesome.  There's even another little flat panel in the dining area where all the food was spread out.  It is a Super Bowl watcher's dream.  There is no way to miss a play or commercial no matter what you're up to.

  • People typically clear out pretty quick after the game is done.  Few have the foresight and lack of any other plans to sacrifice a vacation day on a Super Bowl recovery day.  Was a bigger deal when I lived 6 hours away but I hate trying to do work hungover so I made sure I had the day blocked off again.  My boss was actually very appreciative of this plan.  Anyways, the after game activities have traditionally been movies, or rock band, or cards.  This year I brought some movies to check out on the big screen.  Unfortunately I only made it through half of District 9 before hitting the wall and begging off to crash.  Never even made it to midnight.  This just continues my string of sub-par performances.  I'm again wondering if the North Bay Debacle has somehow ruined me for marathon drinking sessions.  Just have to keep practicing I guess.

  • Woke up this morning in a none too spectacular condition.  Thankful for a good party with good friends and for a mere hour and a half drive to nap time.

  • Good times.

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