Monday, 15 February 2010

Family Day

I hate Dalton McGuinty.  Hate him.  But a couple years ago he introduced the Family Day holiday in Ontario.  And I love not working.  So there was this extra long weekend in the middle of February.  Provincially mandated.  But my previous employer didn't want to play along.  It seemed like the rest of the world had the day off but there I was slaving away in that wretched office.

But things are different now.  My current employer pulled off one of the Christmas floaters to cover Family Day.  That got some people grumbling but I'm all for it.  February sucks as a month anyways.  I'll gladly spend a vacation day at Christmas for a long weekend to break up the winter doldrums.

So, thanks Dalton.  You're still a dick but I'm enjoying my February long weekend and I'll enjoy the shortened work week just as much.


  1. Dude, February is a kickass month! Take it back, take it BACK!