Monday, 22 February 2010

Deal with the Devil

I do not like Walmart.  In fact, I hate Walmart.  It's a monstrosity.  Nothing but cheap shite at cheap prices.  Their business practices are abhorrent.  They preach morality in what they choose to sell but fail to provide benefits or even a living wage to the majority of their employees.  Money spent at Walmart is funding the downfall of North America as the economic powerhouse of the world.  And the people spending that money are invariably loud, rude, inconsiderate, sub-humans who combine their shopping activities with screaming at two or three of their unwashed off-spring as they run wild through the aisles.  Fuck Walmart.

But, hey, I needed a cheap bookcase.

So, there I was after work.  It was mercifully empty thanks to the snow storm.  I went and picked up my bookcase.  And then I saw an end table that would work for my entrance way.  And then I remembered I still needed a waste basket for the main floor bathroom.  And speaking of bathrooms, I was also in need of some toilet paper.  On the way over to the toiletries section I passed by the Blu Ray display and had to pick up Zombieland and The Hangover.  The toilet paper was over in the mega grocery area and I saved a couple cents on a 4 pack of Blue Monster while I was over there.  All that snow had me thinking about my snowmobile and how I'd left my jerry can up in Haileybury.  Back to automotive to pick that up and grabbed a bottle of snowmobile oil too.  I thought about picking up some steaks to really mix it up but I was nearing my exposure limit for one trip.

A remarkably diverse and successful shopping trip.  But still.  Fuck Walmart.


  1. Okay, I'm not defending Walmart in any way but needed to bring your attention to a small part of your story that is hitting close to home: "unwashed off-spring as they run wild through the aisles". I recently had this experience at our grocery store with Alice being the unwashed child running wild. She refuses to sit in the cart anymore and is usually ok with pushing the cart instead, but she recently decided it was fun to run away from me. The once adoring smiles from fellow customers turned in to glares of "can't you control your kid?" And she has a cold, so she has snot on her face and it's really hard to keep up with wiping while ensuring that she doesn't rip things off the shelves. So think of Alice when you see these unwashed wild children.
    p.s. I think I will be avoiding grocery shopping with Alice for a while after that experience.

  2. The difference is that you actually go after your child when she takes off. Walmart people don't let such trivial things interrupt their cell phone conversations.