Saturday, 27 February 2010

Cragganmore 12

cgmob12yoIt's been getting harder and harder to find something new to sample at the LCBO.  Haven't been too stressed about it though.  It's given me some time to visit some old friends.  There's been a couple Aberlour 12's and I was very happy to rediscover Auchentoshan.  These are both previously reviewed 5 shotters and I'll go back to them again and again.

But I was in the mood for something new this week.  And I stared and stared at the wall of scotches with nothing really jumping out at me.  I kept looking at the Cragganmore and thinking "Bah, I've already done that one."  But it kept bugging me and finally I pulled out my phone and checked this blog and found that I hadn't sampled this one at all since I started recording these reviews.  The oversight was a big reason for picking this bottle up.  I paused a little at the $70 price tag but just for a bit.

This is a Speyside malt with a light caramel colour.  The aroma has some floral notes with a little bit of seaside to it.  That was a little surprising for a Speyside which I usually find pretty muted.  The taste has an immediate bloom that floods your mouth with a full, dry, oaky flavour.  The journey to the belly is a typical Speyside kind of smooth.  No fire just that woody dryness.  The aftertaste is a light fog of that initial oak.

A bit more bite than the other Speysides I've sampled over the years and that's a good things.  But it's still a light touch that emphasizes smoothness over character.  A fine single malt that's good for all occasions but priced a little higher than it's character warrants.

Overpriced goodness.  4 shots!

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