Sunday, 21 February 2010


Huh.  Somebody replaced some of the highest paid hockey players on our national hockey team with a bunch of fucking clowns.  The Americans looked like an honest to god hockey team.  The Canadians looked like they got lost on their way to a lacrosse match.  I love Brodeur, I think he's the greatest goalie to play the game, but holy fuck man.   Time to step aside.  Ryan Miller was the reason the Americans won, no doubt.  But the Canadians seemed to lack any cohesion or interest.  There were flashes of talent that were impressive but nothing sustained.  The collision between Corey Perry and Eric Staal with Pronger tripping over the two of them pretty much summed up the whole debacle.  Not just a disappointment but one more reason to hate on the Olympics.  Oh well, there's still curling...

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