Saturday, 2 January 2010

Star Trek: The Old Next Generation


Finally got around to watching the latest Star Trek movie.  This was supposed to be a reboot of the original TV series but restaffed with a younger, hipper cast to tell their origin stories.  I was skeptical when it came out in theaters.  Figured it was a shameless 90210-ification of a franchise that needed to move forward not backward.  But the reviews have been relentlessly positive and its been included in many end-of-the-year movie top tens.

So, I'm home alone with a cold, figured I'd try out the Rogers On Demand movie delivery.  Now, I've never been a real "trekkie".  Sure I've seen all the movies, own the technical guide to the star trek universe, was addicted to TNG, and have given each new series since TNG at least half a season to prove itself worthy, but I don't own a klingon dictionary or my own set of ferengi ears.  What I'm trying to say is I didn't have a lot emotionally invested in whether this latest Star Trek offering was good or not but I was kind of hoping for good.

And it exceeded expectations.  This movie is good times.  Great pacing, good special effects, funny bits here and there to keep it from getting too serious, and awesome casting.  Everyone seems to hit those quirks that remind you of the old character but don't devolve into caricature.  The guy who does Dr. McCoy was especially good.  And Simon Pegg is an awesome choice for Scotty.

It's not perfect.  It does involve time travel.  And I fucking hate time travel as a plot device.  It's lazy fucking writing.  And they were a little too obvious in pointing out how the time travel in this movie frees them up to do everything different than the original tv series.  The only movies that manage to make time travel work are the ones that realize how ridiculous it is and have fun with it.  See Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Back To The Future.

But beside that minor detail, I'd recommend this movie to just about anybody who wants to watch a fun, adventure-type movie.

So, that was the content.  How was the content delivery mechanism?  Let me put it this way: Rogers can blow me.  High Definition my ass.  Every scene where there was the slightest bit of action became pixelated and was very NON high def.  And no 5.1 stereo.  And what did this VHS experience cost me?  Eight fucking dollars!  The same high def movie from iTunes costs 6!  A DVD would have been a better choice and I can rent one for a god damned DOLLAR from the movie cube at the grocery store!  And you know what's even less expensive?  Bit torrent.  Why would I not just download the movie for free and at least get a decent viewing experience.  Un-fucking-believable.  Rogers bought themselves some good will with the free netbook I got for signing up but it's just about used up right now.

So, to summarize:

Star Trek  = Awesome

Rogers = Fucknuts

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  1. Awww, crap. The Robickles have this in BRD and I scoffed at the prospect of watching the damn thing. I may just have to give it a whirl - they were right about Ironman, after all...