Thursday, 7 January 2010


"Take the best day of your life...and put it in your mouth."

Good god.  That has to be the worst tag line attributed to any product, at any time, in any place.

I like the Rickard's line of beers.  Been a long time Rickard's Red drinker.  But I don't think management was really paying attention when they green lit this ad campaign.

Guy walks into a bar, curiously devoid of ANY women, and asks for something unique.  The bartender suggests a Rickard's.  And then three of the creepier bar patrons I've ever seen proceed to try and one up each other in the description of the beer.  Why?  What are they trying to do?  He's already bought the beer.  Why are they so intent on convincing him he's about to consume the liquid form of Nirvana?  So while they've got this bewildered customer pegged to the wall with their haunting and wanting stares, the bartender comes up with the winning line I started this post with.

Gah.  What if the best day of my life was narrowly escaping a goring while running with the bulls of Pamplona, or catching a monster bass on a sweltering summer day, or escaping Shawshank prison by crawling through a river of shit to come out clean the other side?  Sweet Jesus, those might be great moments but I'm sure as fuck not putting them in my mouth!

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