Sunday, 17 January 2010

Glenmorangie - Nectar D'Or

glenmorangie-nectar-d-orI've made mention of Glenmorangie's range of specialty bottlings before.  Gimmicky, I think I described them.  And "Nectar D'Or" sounds about as gimmicky as it can get.  There should not be any french on the label of a single malt scotch.  But it was different and I was in need of some anger meds.

Besides the flamboyant title, the box also described the scotch inside as being aged in bourbon barrels and finished in something called "sauternes".  A google search finds that this is a French dessert wine.  So.  The french titling is making a little more sense.  Anyways, I bought the damn thing, gotta find out how it tastes.

The smell is strong, a base of wood and citrus with a slight medicinal note.  Different but very interesting.  The taste is similarly strong and the bourbon background really comes through.  This is a scotch with definite body, almost syrupy thick.  The alcohol blooms and burns from nose to stomach but leaves the initial flavour intact.  And that flavour does linger.  Not a bad thing but it does hang around.

All in all a very different ride from the usual.  I'd recommend it for a pleasant change of pace.  The ticket price is too high to be in regular rotation but once in a while I can see myself taking this trip again.

Bourbo-licious.  4 shots!

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