Sunday, 17 January 2010


The best weekend of football.  It's been said many times over the past week but it's true.  After the wildcard wieners are weeded out, these four games over two days have the best chance of being the most competitive and entertaining games you'll see all year.

While 3 out of the 4 games weren't very competitive, they were at least entertaining.  Some random thoughts I had while watching this weekend:

  • Who dat?  Good to see New Orleans finally bring some game.

  • Reggie Bush was impressive and finally looked like he's worth the hype of 4 years ago

  • Can't blame Warner for the Cardinals' loss but won't miss him too much if that was his last game either

  • Looks like resting their starters didn't hurt the Colts any.  Maybe the media can shut up about it now.

  • I like Baltimore.  Especially after handing those fucknut Patriots their ticket out of the playoffs.  But I'll pull for Indy if the Dolphins aren't in it so I has pretty happy when they got through.

  • The Minnesota-Dallas game was a hard one to watch.  I'm not a fan of either team.  Dallas, because they seem to be the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NFL.  They expect the Super Bowl to be delivered to them every year based on heritage and fan base alone.  I don't really hate Minnesota but I friggin detest Brett Favurrah.  Wasn't always like that but his petulant retirement act showed what kind of guy he really is.  I wasn't going to like whichever team came out on top.  It turned out to be Minnesota.  So be it.  I look forward to watching Drew Brees light them up because I will not watch a Super Bowl with Brett Fuvruh in it.

  • Man, those Chargers don't have much luck.  A pro bowl regular season kicker who misses 3 field goals as soon as he hits the playoffs.  Gotta give the Jets credit though.  They really shut down that Charger offense.

  • Good on the Jets but that's far enough.  Indy should make short work of them to get back to the Super Bowl.

A Colts/Saints Super Bowl seems inevitable.  I'll watch next weekend's conference championships but I'm already looking forward to the clash of the titans on February 7!

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