Sunday, 20 December 2009

Aberlour 16

aberlour_16jrlargeI continue on with my Aberlour obsession.  This was the second of my "quitting" scotches.  Being in a generally good mood and getting caught up in unpacking and Christmas shopping, I haven't really been zipping through the scotch like I was up in Haileybury.  But a couple trips through Toronto this weekend has definitely got me in the mood.

This elder Aberlour has a familiar sherry base to its aroma but with a strong caramel cover.  A marked improvement over its younger siblings.  Very welcoming.  The taste is smooth and a little heavy.  The bloom starts early but seems to stay around the sinuses.   There is very little burn and the caramel flavour carries through the whole tasting.

A very enjoyable scotch.  The extra years seem to have dulled some of the sharpness of the younger malts to good effect.  So much so that this is worth the $90 price tag?  No.  But a good selection if available and you have some cash to burn.

A thoughtful tasty. 4 shots!

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