Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Return of TBone!

Over 12 years ago I left the collegiate confines of Waterloo to start my engineering career.  And now I'm back.  Hopefully for a while.  Cause man do I hate moving.

Will be living in Kitchener and working in New Hamburg.  Found a place near the expressway and minutes from my brother and his family.  Got a couple days to relax before the movers show up with my stuff which also gives me some time to get utilities set up and get those addresses updated.  Some random thoughts on my first morning back in the K-Dub:

  • Movers are awesome.  Well worth the money.  Just got out of their way and let them get the stuff out of there.

  • Downtown Kitchener is just as sketchy as I remembered.  But the new sidewalks are nice!

  • Parking your vehicle, filled with those possessions too valuable to leave with the movers, next to a homeless guy is very stressful

  • It's very hard to not stare at the woman waiting at the bus stop, yelling at no one in particular, with no cell phone visible

  • Kitchener has one of the best LCBO's for single malt scotch.  I'm about to fall off the wagon.  AND they are open from 9:30 to 10:00!

  • Kitchener utilities is about as technologically backwards as they could be.  No online services, no phone services.  Gotta show up in person.  I was surprised to find they actually had computers when I showed up.

  • Sushi restaurants, Best Buy, modern movie theaters, friends, family....man I'm pumped about this move


  1. Let me be the first to point out - for someone who hates moving, you sure do a lot of it!

    Glad you're back in Southern Ontario!

  2. I agree about the movers. And it's funny that you should put sushi ahead of "frends [sic] and family". Hee hee.