Sunday, 1 November 2009


I don’t like Future Shop.  Their inventory always seems a model year behind.  And they are staffed by high schoolers who don’t know half what they think they do.  They’ve had a history of strong arming people into extended warranties even though they’ve improved over the years. 

And their inventory is almost always locked away.  I don’t like talking to their staff.  I’ve done my research in advance so that I know I’m getting the right product.  I want to go in, pick up the product, pay for it, and be on my way.  No chit chat, no discussion, a cash transaction and we’re done.  But Future Shop doesn’t want me to shop that way.  They want their merchandise locked away so I have to talk to somebody who then has the opportunity to upsell me or hook me into one of those useless extended warranties.  Okay, not a really big deal given that they have to protect themselves against shoplifting and I’ll put up with a little banter for the instant gratification of picking up a product in store.  What I won’t put up with is waiting for somebody to find a key so that they can get the product I want to buy. 

For some reason, only a select few are worthy of carrying one of these magical keys.  And these people aren’t kept in seclusion or in the rafters to swoop in and unlock product on demand.  They are allowed to roam the aisles getting waylaid by customers who can’t be interrupted when other customers need those fucking keys.  And why isn’t the jackhole who I’m handing my credit card information over to not trustworthy enough to carry one of these keys?  Twice last weekend I was left waiting for keys and I walked.  Ended up at Best Buy, who are actually part of the same company as Future Shop, but miles apart in customer service. 

I know I’ll be back, the lure of gadgets is too strong, but next time I’ll be asking for a personal escort on my shopping expedition by one of the designated key-bearers.

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  1. write a letter. Maybe you'll get free stuff.