Sunday, 15 November 2009


Something struck me as I was driving away from Haileybury after my last day of work.  Where was the booze?

I've always kind of been the guy in the office that drums people up for going out for some beers.  And especially when people I've worked with are leaving, I'll make the effort to send out some invites for a beer and bitch session before they leave.  But what I won't do is organize my own going away party.  Just seems egotistical.  So I watched with mild amusement as the days counted down with no mention of going out for beers.  There was a lunch (paid for by my Boart credit card) but that was it.  Meh.  Can't say I was disappointed, just confirmed that I worked with a bunch of mormons.

But what did bother me was that there was no departing gift.  For all the talk about how I was going to be missed, and how valuable I was, and how great I was to work with, all that didn't even warrant a "Good Luck Asshole" card.  Every Christmas I bought the guys that worked for me an LCBO gift card, enough to secure a decent bottle of scotch, out of my own pocket.  And for all the pain and agony I went through for that company and those people, I was kind of miffed that didn't drum up enough support for even a cheap bottle of scotch.

Ah well.  I know I'm being petty and self-pitying here.  Guess I was spoiled given the tremendous send off I got when leaving Deere.  Being clear of that train wreck should be it's own reward.  Onward and upward!

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