Monday, 30 November 2009

Day 1

Started the new job at the Argo plant today.  It was quite a relief to find a bunch of normal people there.  Spent most of the day reading up on Argos and HR policies.  I was pleasantly surprised to have an orientation with a competent HR person.  I was beginning to think such a creature only existed in fairy tales.  The rest of the place seems an odd mix of old and new technologies.  Still a lot of paper shuffling but a solid intranet information base and the best MRP implementation I've seen yet.  There was one horrible moment when my new boss showed me my new desk and there wasn't a phone on it.  I flashed back to my nightmare at Fanotech where a phone was also missing when I started and would never appear.  Happily the missing phone at Argo was due to a miscommunication with IT and not due to any fanatical obsession to control communication in and out of the plant.  So, it's looking good and I hope to dig in sooner than later.  A relief all around.


  1. Well Congrats on the job again...sounds like a good place to work so far. Have you met John Donkers yet? If you do say Hi for me.