Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Chicken Bowl

I remember the initial marketing campaign for the KFC chicken bowl.  I found it strangely intriguing.  It looked like they were trying to sell me a bowl of their left-overs.  But every now and then I do enjoy a bowl of left-over mush.  It's just that, usually, it's MY left-overs.  I'm not a huge KFC fan.  Every couple years, nostalgia clouds my mind, and I go get a bucket o' greasy chicken but that's it.  And their bowl of mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cheese, and deep fried chicken bits wasn't going to draw me in any more frequently.

It also didn't help that I read a fairly damning article written by the comedian Patton Oswalt at the Onion AV Club.  His description of the chicken bowl as "a failure pile in a sadness bowl" pretty much ensured that I would never give in to my baser desires and actually eat one of these things.

Until today.  I'm killing time in Kitchener waiting for the movers to show up and I figured, what the hell?  If I don't have one now, I probably never will.  So I stopped by and picked one up.

And it's really not that bad!  I probably will never order another one but as far as fast food goes, this was pretty damn satisfying.  Actually the worst part of the whole deal was the chicken.  If you're going to douse a deep-fried something with gravy, that something better be pretty damn crispy.  These chicken bits were not.  The breading was just a little more mush to blend in with all the other mush.  The bowl would have been much better with some pan fried chicken bits without the breading.

So, I survived the bowl and would actually recommend it if KFC is your only option for food on the road.

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