Thursday, 12 November 2009

2.5 Long Years

My two and a half long years with Boart are coming to an end tomorrow.  Man what a relief it will be to walk out of that building.  Never seen such blatant decisions to choose production over safety.  I’m really sorry that 20 years ago you used to be able to put people’s lives at risk in order to get a bigger bonus and now there are all these “rules” and “regulations” and “laws” getting in your way.  That’s terrible for you, really.  But I can’t look the other way for you and you are an asshole to even ask me to.  Ach.

Probably could have survived and kept plugging away and kept getting into fights if there’d been some kind of support system.  But here is the first time where I couldn’t look to somebody else in the engineering department for some like-minded viewpoints where we could both shake our heads at the situation and agree that whatever we were shaking our heads at fucking sucked.  I haven’t gotten along with EVERY engineer I’ve worked with but there was always at least one person in a group who was in sync with my bullshit meter and thought it was a great idea to go out for some beers after work to discuss the level of bullshit that had been gauged that day.  For fuck’s sake, the people in this group didn’t even really drink! 

And one guy, man.  This one guy could push me over the edge with a word.  Hated silence.  Killed silence with chatter.  Couldn’t walk to the printer without commenting on the state of our “paperless” society.  The chatter was incessant and it was an aggressive chatter.  He wouldn’t walk along and talk to himself.  He would stand outside your office and say something like “Well THIS is an interesting design!”.  And then wait for you to ask “What design is interesting?” which of course would be his invitation to enter your office and waste an hour of your time with whatever he’d printed off the internet.  I quickly learned to avoid these traps and more and more would let him make his comments and ignore him.  Holy fuck, if you want to talk to me then talk TO me not AROUND me.  And he didn’t know how to end a conversation once started.  He would just go on and on, drawing in different stories, related and unrelated, and eventually I would just have to leave the area.  It was ridiculous.  You know why we are so far behind our work load?  Because you are always TALKING not DOING!  And he’s always presuming things and stating why he thinks a person has done something.  He’s theories on my quitting have been very entertaining.  Yargh.

But it wasn’t all bad.  I did find fishing and one of the guys was an eager fishing buddy.  I actually had fun this summer.  And I’d purchased a snowmobile and was ready for some fun in the snow this winter.  But it was too little too late.  Not nearly enough for me to ignore an out when it presented itself.  So it’s hours from being over and then I can tuck this all away as a life experience.

Only 30 years until retirement….

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