Monday, 5 October 2009


Power finally came on Sunday afternoon and I headed back up to New Liskeard to try and get some supplies at the Canadian Tire.  To get there from my place you have to drive through downtown New Liskeard.  Downtown New Liskeard consists of two blocks at right angles to each other.  Driven through it many, many times.  This time I found the street lined with people holding signs.  They were standing maybe 10 feet apart, each holding a brightly coloured cardboard sign that either praised Jesus or denounced abortions.  These messages were delivered in both French and English which I thought was a very inclusive touch.  All in all, maybe 30 people lining both sides of the street.  Just standing there.  Watching me drive by.  Judging me.  Just about the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Drove on by and kept on to Canadian Tire.  Canadian Tire, of course, had decided to remain closed for the entire Sunday.  That was probably announced on the radio too.  Turned around to drive back through town but when I got to downtown, all the sign holders had disappeared.  Creepy.

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  1. Where is Mr. Plow when you need him?