Monday, 12 October 2009



Picked up a propane powered turkey fryer for this year’s thanksgiving.  Picture is not exactly like the Wal-Mart special that I purchased but you get the idea.  I was practically giddy setting this bad boy up.  The first challenge was lighting it.  The gear seemed to have every modern safety experience except for a method for remote lighting.  So, in I go with my brother-in-law’s propane torch striker.  Bye-bye knuckle hair.

Then came the oil.  17 litres of oil.  My sister and I did some rapid shopping to find that quantity of oil at a bargain rate.  We braved Costco on a long weekend and bought 2 sixteen litre containers.  Boojah!

Next was turkey time.  Wearing some really cheap sunglasses and extra absorbent oven mitts, I placed the turkey in the oil.  And the oil proceeded to bubble over the edges of the pot.  Some nervous waiting with the fire extinguisher but everything seemed to calm down with a couple minutes.  45 minutes later, we had a fully cooked 15 pound turkey.  The extremities were a bit too crispy but overall a surprisingly moist turkey even on day 2.  I think next time it would be wise to brine or marinade the turkey, do a spice rub, and tie in the wings and legs for more even cooking.

A great trial run.  The next one will be even better.


  1. Thanks for setting my little safety heart a-flutter.

  2. No spice rub. My boss' wife soaked their turkey in brine and he said it was fantastic.

  3. Dawn, yes, I believe you would have freaked completely out. We did do a full review of fire extinguisher use though. And all the oil got recycled by one of Megan's friends to fuel his car, if that does anything for your little environmental heart.

  4. That pleases my inner nerd AND environmental heart. I tried to convince Lesley that as an engineer driving a diesel car she really should be interested in setting up a biodiesel still in her backyard. Somehow she never bit, and I was always a little sad about that...