Monday, 5 October 2009


Yah, so, I woke up Sunday morning, no power.  Okay, that’s cool.  It happens.  There was some lightning through the night.  I was sure they just had to do some repairs.  I had some plans for the day but I could wait a few minutes for the power to come on to get my coffee and eggs.  Two hours later, I was starting to think something was up.  So I’m starting to jones for some caffeine by this point.  Screw it.  I’m heading up to New Liskeard to hit the Micky D’s.  I roll into New Liskeard and get a real bad feeling from all the dark houses.  The whole friggin Temiskaming Shores area was down.  So, no surprise, I roll up to McDonald’s and they are closed.  The Tim Horton’s has a generator and a 60 car lineup.  Not an option.  Head back home.  Cook up some breakfast on the bbq and reconsider my plans for the day.  Now I’m jonesing for an internet connection.  Blackberry still has some juice so I check the Hydro One web site and find that this was a PLANNED outage expected to last from 7:00am to 2:00pm!  Seven hours!  F me.  So I start doing some house chores.  Run into my neighbour at one point and start talking about the power outage.  He knew all about it.  Apparently everybody did.  Had been on the radio for weeks (I listen to satellite radio).  It was in the papers (I don’t read newspapers).  Hydro One had called everybody and left a message (I never updated my phone number from Huntsville). 

So, the point of my little story is that there is a gaping hole in my media consumption with regards to local events.  It just doesn’t present itself on any web pages, podcasts, or television that I subscribe to.  That’s why I find myself sitting around on a Sunday morning with no power, or driving in the middle of a bike parade, or unable to get to Earlton because of some plow match.  There’s gotta be some rss feed I can subscribe to somewhere to give me a heads up on these things.

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  1. I think you should lobby for email notifications - who answers phones these day anyway?