Friday, 9 October 2009

Just in passing

I'm pretty proud how I've evolved as a driver.  Growing up in Northern Ontario, traffic wasn't something I was conditioned to deal with.  When I first moved to Southern Ontario, driving meant being enraged.  The roads were too crowded and they were crowded with idiots.  But I eventually learned that it was better in the long run just to let those rage inducing incidents slide off my back.  Get cut off, give a little wave instead of the finger.  Someone's crawling in the fast lane, ease off on the throttle and enjoy the ride.

But today, all that psychological progress was erased.  I believe the passing lanes of Northern Ontario are a study of human behaviour.  And that study reveals that humans suck.

I will fully defend anybody's right to drive the posted speed limit.  But to drive on a highway 10 km/h BELOW the limit?  For fuck's sake, take a look behind you!  There are 5 tractor trailers and 30 cars lined up behind you waiting and praying for a passing lane to release them from the hell YOU have created.  Either put the hammer down or get off the road and let people by.

BUT, what you DON'T do is wait for a passing lane to finally show up and then SPEED UP!  You fucking asshole!  I don't know what it is about passing lanes but it causes some kind of psychosis in people and makes them drive 20 km/h faster than they were before they entered this Bermuda Triangle for sanity.  I can only imagine that they think that passing lanes are cop free zones that allow speeding or that they equate being passed with a traumatic slight to their ego.  Well suck it up buttercup.  You wanna drive 80 k, you swallow your fucking pride, keep it at 80, and soak up each and every one of those 35 angry glares you get as the soul train of hate passes you by.

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