Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Famous Grouse


I’ve already run through my predisposed feelings for blended scotches in my Chivas Regal review.  Taking the empties back has renewed my interest in finding a more value oriented solution to my scotch needs.  A buddy of mine introduced me to this blend a while ago and I was really impressed at the time.  Time to take another crack at it.

And crack it open is what happens.  Again with the screw top.  Just seems cheap.  Like I should be drinking it out of a paper bag.  But, hey, if a cork is the only reason those other scotches cost twice as much, I’m fine with the twist top action.

The aroma is faint and sherry based.  Checked the bottle, 40% alcohol, so it’s got the punch but doesn’t show it.  Interesting.  I was actually nervous taking the first sip.  I’m really leery about “cheap” whiskies.  If they’re inexpensive, they usually have a sickly sweet taste that’s retch inducing.  But The Grouse came through.  The sweetness is light and fruity.  The aftertaste has a similarly light burn and hangs around a little longer than it should.  But at $30 I’ll forgive that minor transgression.

So, no real character or challenge and a slightly cloying aftertaste.  But, smooth and easy going and light on the wallet.  I think I’ve found my daily drinker.

Bargain.  4 shots!

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  1. Well it only took a year, but you're starting to see the light.