Monday, 5 October 2009

Chivas Regal 12


I’ve developed a fairly snobby attitude towards scotch.  I’ll admit that.  And the first rule of being a scotch snob is that you turn your nose up to blended scotches.  It’s single malt or nothing.  However, true snobs will also tell you not to drink scotch with ice.  So I’m not a complete convert yet.  I try and keep an open mind and some recent bouts with different bottles of Famous Grouse have made me wonder if I’m all turned around on the subject of blends.

To see if blends really are worthy of my attention I picked up a bottle with some name recognition.  Chivas Regal 12.  A 45 dollar bottle claiming to be “rich, smooth, easy drinking” blend of a selection of Speyside malts.  All right.  I’m game.  Bring it on.

No cork.  Twist top.  Sweet Jesus, what am I?  A hillbilly?  Alright, alright.  Some concessions must be made.  The smell was my next indication that I was in trouble.  There’s a light hint of that sickly, sweet aroma I associate with rye.  It smells cheap and it gives me a headache.  It took some effort but I took the plunge and took a sip.  Not as bad as I was expecting.  The cheap sweetness didn’t show up in the tasting like it did in the smelling.  But there’s still a mothbally feel to it that hangs around for a while.  It doesn’t relax, it just makes me tired.  Fancy name, fancy bottle, not worth my time.  Still an aspiring snob.

2 shots.  Blech.

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