Monday, 12 October 2009

Aberlour 12


Man, I could drink this all day.  No time for a long preamble.  The more time writing about this, the less time I have to drink.  I was a full-on Aberlour 10 addict when I first found a 12 at an Ottawa LCBO.  From that point, 10 was a lesser product.

The sharp, sherry nose can give you pause but relish the aroma before diving in.  There’s a great flash of alcohol that clears the sherry smell and replaces it with a bloom of oak and a nutty aftertaste.  The burn and settle experience follows all the way down to the belly.  Fantastic.  It’s tough to just sip and contemplate this bottle.  It’s doubtful this bottle will see morning, let alone next weekend.  Yum.

Some disturbing news however.  I remember this bottle costing between 55 and 60 bucks.  A bargain for sure.  But I checked the LCBO web site just to be sure.  And found the only 12 year old Aberlour listed is going for $101!!!  This bottle I picked up in Ottawa and it was the last one on the shelf.  Sweet Jesus, I hope it wasn’t the last one to be imported to Canada for a reasonable price.  A search of the rest of the internet doesn’t confirm my suspicions one way or the other.  This bottle will be cherished even if it only lasts for hours.

My favourite….for now.  5 shots!

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