Tuesday, 15 September 2009

TV Blows

TV has a lot to make up for this fall.  It has been a tough run of late and even HBO can’t seem to deliver the goods.  I got hooked on True Blood Season 1 in large part because of the angry sex but the mythology and humour grew on me too.  Season 2 had the makings of being great but threw too much into the pot and strung one particular plot point on forever without any real progression. 

Rescue Me was a big disappointment this year as well.  Tommy Gavin used to be a bold, assholish character but spent all of this season getting whipped by his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend.  And there’s whats-her-name from News Radio for no apparent reason.  The major story arc that leads to this year’s “cliffhanger” was a clumsy commentary on the dangers of alcohol that had already been handled and better in seasons past. 

These were the shows that were supposed to tide me over from the NHL playoffs to the start of the NFL season.  And they failed.  And, with the exception of House, broadcast TV is pretty much a lost cause (see NCIS:Los Angeles).  Until somebody gets their act together and puts a decent TV show on the air, I guess I’ll start rewatching The Wire.


  1. Just be gald you don't have to watch 'In the Night Garden' on Treehouse.

  2. I hear The Wiggles are all the rage now. I doubt those guys are big fans of the ladies.

  3. Four Squared is also pretty disturbing. Grown men and women dancing around in colorful, skin tight, spandex suits. The women get skirts to wear over top, but the guys are all out there. Scary.