Tuesday, 15 September 2009



I love my IPod Touch.  It is a near perfect gadget.  There is nothing I would rather have with me when travelling.  It didn’t start off near perfect.  I have the first gen Touch and back then you had to hook it up to another computer to add any content.  I bought a netbook just so I could update podcasts on my IPod while on the road.  Slowly, the device got closer and closer to perfection.  With each update there was a feature added that seemed ridiculous wasn’t there to start.  The app store, updating podcasts over wifi, purchasing audio books over wifi, copy and paste.  I even paid the retarded $10 fee for each of the major firmware updates.  I held out for a couple weeks on the last update but the audiobook feature was just too damn necessary.

But my participation in the Apple community will soon be coming to an end.  A couple months ago it started having problems taking a charge, and then it took a little trip into a lake, and then it was dropped on a rock which cracked the glass.  It’s still limping along but it seems to be more finicky each day.  I was hoping that the rumours of an IPod touch with a camera were true but Apple seems happy enough to keep pushing out the same product.  I then placed all my hopes on the upcoming Zune HD but Microsoft has confirmed that it won’t be selling these in Canada for the time being.  Well fuck you too Microsoft.

I think I’m suffering from a little gadget ennui.  I’ve purchased and hacked almost every gadget worth mentioning.  I could buy another IPod but it would just be the same thing again.  IPhones don’t work in my quaint little village so that’s out too.  The new Nano has a video camera but can’t take still photos(how fucking stupid is that by the way).  The shuffle is a laughable little turd of UI nonsense.  So I’m thinking I’ll milk this IPod for as long as it will last and then pick up a cheap little nothing until something reasonable strikes my fancy.  Palm Pre II perhaps?

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  1. So much for being done with gadgets. Can't just go fishing without an iPod? Does it have a fish-finding feature? (Could have used that in NB).