Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Aberlour 10


Ah, my Aberlour 10.  My most dependable bottle back when I lived near an LCBO with selection.  I raved about this bottle to everyone who would listen.  The last bottle I intended to write about was consumed too fast to write a single sentence.  This time I had some foresight and purchased two bottles while I had the chance.  Sure enough, the first bottle was gone in the blink of an eye and now I can write about the second bottle in a more leisurely manner.

So, despite my rampant nostalgia, I’m not really blown away by this scotch anymore.  A distinct sherry nose and a taste of oak that blooms to match the sherry.  The aftertaste is dry and lingers.  But the whole experience is slightly harsher than I remembered.  The LCBO near my parents place stocks only the 12 year old Aberlour and I blame that for ruining the 10 year old for me.  Those extra 2 years really mutes some of that brassy 10 year nature and blends the flavours in a much more satisfying manner.

Still, at $44 it’s a hell of a value and a great sipping scotch that can be enjoyed all on its own.  I’d say the $10 extra bucks for the 12 year old is money well spent but you can’t go wrong with the 10 if that’s your only choice.

Golden memories.  4 shots!

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