Thursday, 27 August 2009

Speyburn – 10


The last of my New Brunswick bottles.  Dropped it right on its neck by picking the canister upside down.  No breakage so I can say the bottle is very strong.  I bought this bottle because I like speyside malts and it’s name is Speyburn.  What can I say?  I’m a simple man.

What I failed to notice at the store was the picture of a salmon on the container.  Now, some months ago a friend brought back a bottle from England with a picture of a squirrel on the bottle.  This malt, whose name escapes me, had the distinct flavour of peanuts.  So I was very concerned that my salmon labelled malt would follow the same initiative and contain hints of sardines.

Fortunately this is a representative Speyside bottle.  A fruity nose, a minor flare of taste to start, and then a clean finish.  My only complaint is that the finish is too clean.  There’s none of the blooming glow or battling undercurrents that give my favourite Speysides top marks.  A solid soldier though a little deficient in character.

Fish-less.  3 shots.

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