Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Foggy Flogging

Finally made it out for the first 18 holes of the year.  Just happened to be while I was out vacationing in New Brunswick.  We were booked at the Westfield Golf & Country Club.  The fog was impenetrable for the first nine holes.  We'd tee off, look at each other, shrug, and hope for the best in finding the balls.  Lost two balls for no other reason than the fog. 

Once the fog lifted, you could see it was a nice course.  Wish my game was at a higher level but I'd made the choice of fishing over golfing this year so no surprise.  Couple highlights besides playing blind, hitting the stick on a chip to save par, two putts that came within an inch of getting par, and the solid play of my new Taylor Made driver.

Overall, nothing great, nothing horrible which translates to a good game of golf for me.  Anytime I don't lose my temper on the course is a good game.

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