Saturday, 8 August 2009

Fishing Rod Circumcision

One week I've been in New Brunswick, near St. John.  One of the first things I did was get a 7 day fishing license.  And then I went looking for fish.  I bush-whacked along streams.  I combed the coast.  I baked on lakes.  And what did I get?  One fish on the hook that flipped off within feet of shore (no idea what it was but it was THIS big).  Other than that, nothing.  My buddy Schmeck managed to catch a muskie through the eye somehow but he had similar luck as me the rest of the week.

And the topping to this shit sundae of futile fishing?  My rod is sticking out the rear window by an inch when the windows are rolled up after our last attempt to catch something on a hook before leaving this fishless province.  Snip.  There goes the tip of my rod.

Ah well, it couldn't last forever but it's served me well this summer.  The rod and reel were my 5 year anniversary gift from Deere and were selected at the time because they were the only option that didn't have any John Deere logos engraved on it.  Two years after sitting in a box I finally got the itch to use the damn thing and it was a versatile fish catcher in Ontario.

Like I say not to broken up about it.  I'm more ticked off about the one that got away this week.  If I'd known that was going to be my only bite, I'd have clamped down the drag and made sure that hook was set.  Anyways, an excuse to buy more gear.  At least one new rod and possibly a new reel as well!

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