Friday, 14 August 2009

Benromach Traditional


During my trip out east I found that New Brunswick Liquor carries a much varied collection of single malts compared to the usual selection at the LCBO.  So I loaded up on the ones that stood out to me.

The first of these East Coast pick-ups is the Benromach Traditional.  No mention of the number of years matured on the bottle or box.  Odd.  But it did say SINGLE malt and it claimed to be a citizen of the Speyside region so I figured it was a safe bet.

First impression is that it’s a shockingly light coloured malt.  However long it was matured, it didn’t have long to inherit much colour.  Sceptical, I forged on.

The aroma is slightly medicinal which fuelled my scepticism.  And the first taste?  PEAT!  From Speyside?!?  Impossible.  But there it was.  I settled down from my initial shock and tried again.  Definitely a peaty taste but none of the salty sucker punch I expect from the Islay malts.  I actually liked it.  Character without sweat.  And the aftertaste is a slow retreat of that same taste.  It’s a solid B list pick but not something I’d go looking for unless I knew somebody was looking for a smooth entryway to the Islays.

Islay Lite.  3 shots.

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