Friday, 14 August 2009

Aberlour Perspective

Before I moved to Nowhere, ON I was a conspicuous consumer of the Aberlour 10.  At $45 it was the best tasting value out there.  But I moved up here and it fell out of the regular rotation.  I’d get it when I could and I’d become a fan of the 12 year old bottle too.  On my last trip to Ottawa I picked up a bottle of each, seriously intending to savour them for the purposes of recording them for posterity on this blog.

That didn’t happen.  Those bottles were gone within the week.

I then went to New Brunswick for a vacation and found that the Aberlour 16 has been hiding out there!  But that was gone before the week was out and I never recorded anything.

So, quickly.  Aberlour is an awesome scotch.  Trust me.  The 10 is a bit fruitier than I remember.  The 12 is mellow goodness.  And I really can’t remember much about the 16.  But I know I’ll try them all again and I’ll try and take it a little slower when I do.

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