Saturday, 25 July 2009

My job

may_04_382kb_boart_longyear_logo_webThis is the logo for the company I work for.  It's known as "The Swirling Asshole".  Which is appropriate because most of the people there are assholes without direction.  I'm at a conference this weekend and one of the zone managers flat out lied to everybody there.  I watched with fascination.  I knew I should stand up and call him out on it in grand movie fashion but I didn't.  I'll leave tomorrow and send out some resumes.  Nothing will happen and I'll probably work there for years to come.  It's fucking depressing.

The only bigger assholes here have been the reps from the Ministry of Labour.  They freely admit that any inspector can choose to interpret the regulations in any way they find convenient.  They have decided to mandate guards on drills, the smaller operators say there are no guarding options available from the drill manufacturers, the MOL says they have to come up with a solution, the operators say the manufacturers won't OK any modifications to their equipment, the MOL says of course you can't modify equipment without the manfacturer's consent....WHAT THE FUCK?!?  What are they supposed to do?  No answer from the MOL.  Fucking pricks.

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