Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Macallan – Fine Oak 10


The last of my strike-reserves.  And I ended up saving the best for last.  This scotch is oak-aged, liquid silk.  A sherry aroma that’s lively but not sharp.  A taste that blooms into a dry glow of oak.  An after-taste that lingers and soothes.  I do love this scotch.  But….at $60 it’s a little rich for a daily drinker and it’s a little too unavailable for it to even be an option.  I will make sure to pick one up whenever I see one though.

I didn’t know until I read the box before writing this that the Fine Oak bottle is TRIPLE cask matured!  A sherry European oak, a sherry American oak, and a bourbon American oak.  Very impressive but sounds like some marketing b.s.  All I know is the end result is the tastiest, most satisfying single malt I’ve had in a while.  If it was just a little more affordable and available, it’d be the top dog.  I thought hard about knocking a star off for those short comings but quality must be recognized.

YUM!  5 shots!

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