Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Glendronach – 12

glendronach_12 The LCBO was threatening to go on strike last week so I rounded up three scotch selections to hopefully tide me over.  Luckily the strike never happened and I now find myself up three in the scotch count.  The first of these is The Glendronach Original.  From the label, it’s a Highland malt matured in sherry and then oak casks.  Cost for this item was $55.  And these days that’s in the range of a daily drinker, although in the upper range.

The whiffs from the first glass are muted (probably cause of the ice) but notes of the sherry cask can still be picked up.  The taste is syrupy and reminds me of my recently departed Balvenie 10 with it’s buttery texture.  The after-taste is very intriguing with the sherry and oak flavours competing with each other.  One taste will seem to win out only to be replaced by the other.  One of the other bottles I picked up last week was a Balvenie 12 – Doublewood which I look forward to comparing with this taste experience. 

Overall, a potent, complex experience that seems to be begging for a complimentary food for tasting.  The LCBO web site suggests smoked salmon and I will definitely be trying that combination out before the bottle is gone.  It’s probably too potent a whisky for my daily drinker (sherry casked malts tend to knock me out) but this is a great selection for those contemplative drinking sessions.

A saucy minx.  4 shots!

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