Monday, 27 July 2009

Dalwhinnie – 15


Not long after I got into the scotch groove, I realized that Glenlivet wasn’t really the best that the world had to offer.  A smooth beginning but I was keen to try more.  Recommendations and reviews eventually led me to a holy trinity of single malts: Oban, Cardhu, and Dalwhinnie.  At the time Oban was too pricey for a recent graduate and Cardhu was too hard to find.  That meant that Dalwhinnie was the most frequent purchase of the three.  Up until recently it was a $65 bottle.  And now…

$90!?!?!  Fuck you.  Seriously.  Drop your pants and go fuck yourself.  Overnight this malt jumped 25 bucks.  It was a trend that was happening across the single malts but this one seemed to be the largest leap.  But how does this bottle hold up against the nostalgia of my taste buds?

Smooth as can be.  A light glow of warmth and a nice undertone of oak.  The aftertaste is a steady continuation of your initial tasting.  The light touch seems to hold up well against melting ice.  A solid malt that can be enjoyed all night with little repercussions the next morning.  Not challenging.  Not intriguing.  Just smooth and simple.  But Jesus Christ, $90?  No.  I wouldn’t have purchased it without a gift card and I’m not likely to buy it again.  I angrily submit that this is an enjoyable drink that’s not worth buying.  There are better malts at better prices.

Fuck you.  3 shots.

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