Monday, 27 July 2009

Dalwhinnie – 15


Not long after I got into the scotch groove, I realized that Glenlivet wasn’t really the best that the world had to offer.  A smooth beginning but I was keen to try more.  Recommendations and reviews eventually led me to a holy trinity of single malts: Oban, Cardhu, and Dalwhinnie.  At the time Oban was too pricey for a recent graduate and Cardhu was too hard to find.  That meant that Dalwhinnie was the most frequent purchase of the three.  Up until recently it was a $65 bottle.  And now…

$90!?!?!  Fuck you.  Seriously.  Drop your pants and go fuck yourself.  Overnight this malt jumped 25 bucks.  It was a trend that was happening across the single malts but this one seemed to be the largest leap.  But how does this bottle hold up against the nostalgia of my taste buds?

Smooth as can be.  A light glow of warmth and a nice undertone of oak.  The aftertaste is a steady continuation of your initial tasting.  The light touch seems to hold up well against melting ice.  A solid malt that can be enjoyed all night with little repercussions the next morning.  Not challenging.  Not intriguing.  Just smooth and simple.  But Jesus Christ, $90?  No.  I wouldn’t have purchased it without a gift card and I’m not likely to buy it again.  I angrily submit that this is an enjoyable drink that’s not worth buying.  There are better malts at better prices.

Fuck you.  3 shots.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Paper Towels

And another thing.  What the fuck is up with paper towels?  I've never once, not ONCE, felt that the perforated piece of paper towel I'd ripped off the roll was either 1/3 too long or 1/3 too short.  You know what HAS happened?  I've unknowingly purchased one of these ridiculous fucking "select-a-size" rolls of fucknut paper and I HAVE pulled off a teeny strip of paper that's 2/3 too short.  Why?  It serves absolutely no purpose.  Jesus wept.  Wept and used a tiny useless strip of Brawny to wipe up the tears.

My job

may_04_382kb_boart_longyear_logo_webThis is the logo for the company I work for.  It's known as "The Swirling Asshole".  Which is appropriate because most of the people there are assholes without direction.  I'm at a conference this weekend and one of the zone managers flat out lied to everybody there.  I watched with fascination.  I knew I should stand up and call him out on it in grand movie fashion but I didn't.  I'll leave tomorrow and send out some resumes.  Nothing will happen and I'll probably work there for years to come.  It's fucking depressing.

The only bigger assholes here have been the reps from the Ministry of Labour.  They freely admit that any inspector can choose to interpret the regulations in any way they find convenient.  They have decided to mandate guards on drills, the smaller operators say there are no guarding options available from the drill manufacturers, the MOL says they have to come up with a solution, the operators say the manufacturers won't OK any modifications to their equipment, the MOL says of course you can't modify equipment without the manfacturer's consent....WHAT THE FUCK?!?  What are they supposed to do?  No answer from the MOL.  Fucking pricks.

Paper Towels

Friday, 24 July 2009

NCIS: F'd Up

I'll admit it, I watch NCIS. There aren't many redeeming values to that statement. The show is silly, to say the least. It bothers me to no end to think that federal agents would exhibit the emotional maturity of a 7th grader in heat. But I watch it. Can't explain it. In the last season they had a special two part series where they went to LA and hooked up with the super secret department of NCIS that featured a techie LL Cool J and a rebel anti-hero in Chris O'Donnel (snort AND giggle). An obvious segway to a spin-off but it still hurt to see the advertisements last night for NCIS: Los Angeles. This is the death of broadcast dramas. Not the locational CSI franchise or the divisional Law & Order spins, this alone flags the end of any original ideas from ABC, NBC, or CBS. House may just be the last drama worth watching. Thank god for HBO.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It’s a snow ride. Take it easy.

Sled 1

Posted this before but had some issues with a wordpress upgrade.  Anyways, quite pumped about my new toy for the winter.  Need to change out the track but, other than that, should be an entertaining winter.  A little more power than the last sled I was on.


More Proof that George Lucas is Evil

Poor schmuck.  Parents probably thought they’d hit the jackpot.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Driving Miss TBone

Been thinking about buying a new vehicle for a while now.  Ever since the price of gas lost touch with reality in fact.  But especially now.  I’ve made my last payment on my trusty CeR-Vix and I’m thinking it would be crazy to just SAVE money.

But I’m conflicted.  The price of gas says buy something economical.  My current environment and new hobbies say buy a pick-up.  And my inner child (who really makes up 90% of my personality) says buy that Chevy Astro van and convert it into an A-Team van like you’ve always wanted to.

Really what I want is a pick-up, capable of loading a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, with a 2.5 or 3.0 litre turbo-charged diesel.  Since that option isn’t available in North America at the moment, I’m left agonizing over what the actual options are.  While I’m making up my mind I thought I’d run down my current car ownership history.  Just for kicks.


1980 Pontiac Phoenix

The first.  The legend.  Bought it after my first year of university for $700 and it lasted nearly 4 years.  It survived several road trips, a run in with a barricade, a year of being parked due to an unfortunate DUI conviction, a couple rounds with a bat after being arrested, and all it asked for in return was a new transmission, a new rad, and some wiring.  Back home it was known as the Fiery Phoenix of Green Death.  At school, simply The Fireball.  It finally met it’s end, ironically, at a RIDE program where I passed the sobriety test but The Fireball failed the integrity check.


1988 Nissan Pathfinder

The two door Pathfinder 4X4.  This was a great little truck.  Bought it after graduation in 1997.  I did not treat this vehicle well but it was a lotta fun.  When you are young and foolish and own a 4X4, you don’t think anything can stop you.  Eventually it just wouldn’t turn over and I’d already leased my next car so I got rid of it for $200 rather than put any more money into it.  I didn’t even blink when it got towed away but I’d love to have it right now.

Civic SiR

2000 Honda Civic SiR

This was my first new vehicle and I loved it.  The only mistake I made was leasing the damn thing.  Broke my heart to return it.  This was the last model year with the double wishbone front suspension before they moved to struts.  This thing was a street legal go-kart.  Pushing the limits around the Niagara Peninsula got me in trouble a couple times but it was just such a blast to drive.  Especially after I got the Bridgestone Potenzas.  160 horsepower out of a wee 1.6 litre engine and a 9000 rpm red line.  Fun fun fun.  Like I said, it was a sad day when the lease was up.  The buy out price was ridiculous and I had driven it pretty hard for 4 years so I waved good bye and moved on.  Oh, and this was the first car I owned that got it’s own nickname, SiR MiX-a-LoT.


2004 Honda CR-V

Nicknamed the CeR-Vix because it lacked any masculine virtues, this was a purchase based on common sense and logic.  I now owned a house, I needed something that would be handy getting stuff back from Home Depot, but I was also going to be packing on the kilometers and the price of gas was already climbing.  I compromised on a vehicle that could tow a utility trailer for the Home Depot trips while still being thrifty at the gas pump.  It’s been a handy little vehicle for the past 5 years.  I’m still amazed at the amount of crap I’ve been able to cram into it.  Versatile and dependable.  My only complaint has been the brakes which seem to wear out too frequently.  I also blame the brakes for locking up a wheel on an icy road and sending my mom and I into the ditch.  But the tires were nearly bald too so…mea culpa.  Once I got a decent set of winter tires on her, she ate up the snow.  I’d recommend the vehicle to anyone but I’m still itching to move on.

So that’s where I’m at.  I’ve thought about the Jetta Wagon TDI, the Honda Fit, the Ford Mustang, the Honda Ridgeline, the Astro van A-team conversion, the Ford F-150, and, briefly, the Nissan 370Z.  The sports cars get dismissed as long as I lived in a town where pot holes survive on a steady diet of half-shafts and suspension arms.  The trucks all seem to drink too much gasoline and the cars lack the ground clearance I need for where I want to go.  Bah.  Just sit here and wait for my diesel truck, I guess.

The Macallan – Fine Oak 10


The last of my strike-reserves.  And I ended up saving the best for last.  This scotch is oak-aged, liquid silk.  A sherry aroma that’s lively but not sharp.  A taste that blooms into a dry glow of oak.  An after-taste that lingers and soothes.  I do love this scotch.  But….at $60 it’s a little rich for a daily drinker and it’s a little too unavailable for it to even be an option.  I will make sure to pick one up whenever I see one though.

I didn’t know until I read the box before writing this that the Fine Oak bottle is TRIPLE cask matured!  A sherry European oak, a sherry American oak, and a bourbon American oak.  Very impressive but sounds like some marketing b.s.  All I know is the end result is the tastiest, most satisfying single malt I’ve had in a while.  If it was just a little more affordable and available, it’d be the top dog.  I thought hard about knocking a star off for those short comings but quality must be recognized.

YUM!  5 shots!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Balvenie – DoubleWood 12


Continuing on into my scotch reserves, this week I cracked open The Balvenie DoubleWood.  This is a $60 bottle whose relationship to my former go-to scotch (Balvenie 10) held expectations high.

The first whiff had a strong sherry aroma which was a bit off-putting but I dove in for more.  I can only describe the taste as plum-like.  Very strange.  Can’t say I’m a fan of it.  The after-taste lingers but doesn’t have the fascinating duel of the Glendronach double cask.

Overall, a solid scotch but definitely a second or third tier selection.  A sit-down, think things over, kind of bottle.  It’s unique but won’t be a regular.

Plummy.  3 shots.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Glendronach – 12

glendronach_12 The LCBO was threatening to go on strike last week so I rounded up three scotch selections to hopefully tide me over.  Luckily the strike never happened and I now find myself up three in the scotch count.  The first of these is The Glendronach Original.  From the label, it’s a Highland malt matured in sherry and then oak casks.  Cost for this item was $55.  And these days that’s in the range of a daily drinker, although in the upper range.

The whiffs from the first glass are muted (probably cause of the ice) but notes of the sherry cask can still be picked up.  The taste is syrupy and reminds me of my recently departed Balvenie 10 with it’s buttery texture.  The after-taste is very intriguing with the sherry and oak flavours competing with each other.  One taste will seem to win out only to be replaced by the other.  One of the other bottles I picked up last week was a Balvenie 12 – Doublewood which I look forward to comparing with this taste experience. 

Overall, a potent, complex experience that seems to be begging for a complimentary food for tasting.  The LCBO web site suggests smoked salmon and I will definitely be trying that combination out before the bottle is gone.  It’s probably too potent a whisky for my daily drinker (sherry casked malts tend to knock me out) but this is a great selection for those contemplative drinking sessions.

A saucy minx.  4 shots!

Shit – Episodes I & II

Spike was showing Star Wars Episodes I & II last night.  I left it on in the background and caught scenes here and there as I was in and out.  It had been a while since I’d seen either of these movies and I’m actually happy to see that they are just as fucking retarded as what I remembered.  Leading up to the release of Episode I, I was as giddy and excited as any other Star Wars geek.  And I felt as disgusted and betrayed as everybody else after watching it.  I struggled through Episodes II and III just to see if Lucas could redeem himself at some point.  Sadly, no. 

There are Lucas apologists out there who would argue but these movies are nothing but crunchy, smelly skid marks on the silk panty legacy of Star Wars.