Sunday, 14 June 2009

This Week in Consumerism

A tremendous weekend for yours truly.  The Stanley Cup finals Game 7 on Friday night, kicking Tim Horton’s to the curb Saturday morning, a fantastic night with lobsters, friends, and some quality rock band jamming Saturday night, a slight hitch as a main corridor in the Niagara region was shut down Sunday morning so some self-important douche bags can all go bicycling in a big group, but then there was the shopping…

And shop I did.  Once I managed to finally get out of the Niagara region, my first stop was at the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughn.  What a store.  I was in one once before in the states but it was kind of lost on me at the time.  Now that I’ve caught the fishing bug, they have my full attention.  Boats and lures and gadgets, oh my!  The only problem is that men are much like fish in that they are easily distracted by shiny objects.  A store filled with men wandering up and down aisles checking out other aisles, coming to abrupt stops, falling into display areas all because of a lure or gadget they had never seen before.  And I was one of the worst ones.  I take back everything bad I said about the grazers at Wal-Mart.  I was severely tempted to buy a boat but I’d made up my mind on that matter so I settled for a portable fish finder, a gps mount, and a rod holder mount.  But what am I mounting these things on to?!?

proanglerMy next stop was in Gravenhurst at the Swift Canoe & Kayak store where I picked up this beauty.  Can not wait to get this in the water.  I’d been looking at kayaks as an easy way to get on to the water without the hassle of a trailer, engine, and boat launch.  There’s so many little lakes around here that you could fish a different one every weekend of the summer.  I’d been looking at Hobie sit-on-top kayaks since last year.  My experience with a sit-in kayak last year could only be described as comedic so I was determined to go with sit-ON.  The Pro Angler model is new for this year and the guys at Swift said mine was the first in Canada.  It’s wider and more stable which is important for a man of my mass.  Tons of included accessories and spots to mount even more accessories.  The guys at Swift were great.  Got me bundled up and on my way in no time.  Taking it off the top of the Honda, when I got home I was kind of startled at the weight of the thing.  I may have damaged my sirius radio antenna taking it down.  I have my doubts on how easy it’s going to be to get it back up there.  Oh well, find that out tomorrow.  I may end up trailering this thing after all.

My last purchase stop was at my favourite LCBO.  I lived in Huntsville for 6 months a couple years ago and, even though we had issues, I have nothing but good things to say about their LCBO.  It really is set up to cater to the snooty T.O. based cottage owners but the by product of that is they usually have an exceptional selection of Single Malt Scotches.  I was disappointed that they didn’t have ANY Aberlours but I did find the 12 year old Signature bottle of Balvenie that replaced my discontinued, day-to-day drinker, The Balvenie 10 year.  At $76 the Signature isn’t likely going to become my day-to-day drinker but I’m excited to find out.  Review to follow!

As I said, a great weekend.  Now it’s time to sit back, relax, read some user’s manuals, and get ready for the next weekend.

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