Friday, 12 June 2009

Stanley Cup Finals - Game #7!


Random thoughts from the final game of the 2009 Stanley Cup FINALS!

  • I can't remember when I've seen Detroit on their heels like this (1st period)
  • I'm calling it, the fix is in for Pittsburgh.  They call a minor slash on Detroit and completely ignore a mugging behind the Pittsburgh net.  Bah.  Damn you Bettman!
  • I really don't need to hear from Don Cherry any more.  A proud Canadian but doesn't contribute much to the discussion any more.  I've shushed entire bars to hear Coach's Corner but now....not so much.
  • Ach, I need an HD signal.  Analog cable blows.
  • Talbot!  Avec le but!  Suck on it Crosby.
  • I take the fix comment back.  That was a pretty weak call on Staal.
  • TALBOT!  ENCORE avec le but!  Put some ice on that knee Crosby.  You're missing quite a performance.
  • I think I know what would help Detroit: if Hossa would DO something.  I'm reminded of all his stellar playoff performances with Ottawa.
  • Detroit seems to have found their sack but there's only 20 minutes left to play.  I think I actually saw Fleury shit his pants.
  • Ericsson!  Welcome to the party Detroit!
  • Fleury is FUNNY! 
  • No love tonight Detroit!

So Pittsburgh won it all.  Happy for Fleury, Bylsma, Malkin, and Talbot.  I think they got some help from the league because they are desperate to sell Crosby as the face of hockey.  But I tell ya, if Crosby wins the Conn Smythe, I will hunt down Bettman and make him shorter than he already is.

And Hossa... oh Hossa.  It's just not meant to be.  You gambled and lost.  Suck it up, pack it in, and hit the road.  Maybe you can ho-ho-whore yourself out to Toronto next year.

See you in the fall Hockey.  Thanks for the entertainment.  GO SENS GO!

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