Monday, 29 June 2009

Roughin’ it


My first camping trip of the year and I repeated my outing from last year to the Driftwood provincial park.  The private beach access to the Ottawa River wowed me last year and was a major reason for my kayak purchase this year.  I kind of forgot that there’s a bit of a hill between the campsite and the beach but I managed to haul the beast up and down alright.  There were a couple issues with neighbouring campers but I consider this karma for the rude behaviour I exhibited in my youth.  Besides, the real point of this trip was the fishing.  So here’s pictures of all the fish I caught last weekend!




Yah, not so much with the fish.  The fish finder said there were plenty to be had but they just weren’t interested in anything I had in my tackle box.  If I go back, I have to remember some live worms.  I did snag a couple bass on Sunday but they twisted off my favourite lure before I could get them in the boat.  So, I suck.  But I’ve always got Cross Lake in Cobalt where the fish are always biting.

And, just a reminder for myself.  Always try and get sites 20 or 21.  They are primeau for privacy.


  1. I told you about that hill! You never listen to me.